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Master Artist Bios:

What makes a Master Artist?

by Henry S.H. Young


  • A Master Artist has been bought, sold and traded for a long period of time, with a steady appreciation in value of the body of artwork.

  • A Master Artist is known and recognized internationally and in the collections of museums, and in private and corporate collections.

  • A Master Artist is an innovator (they have made inroads into a particular media, created a unique concept and idea) in art and because of their     innovation(s) the Master Artist is historically important and continually acknowledged.

  • A Master Artist over time has proven to be relevant and important to their time, medium, school and innovation.


Albert Bierstadt  Germany/United Stated 1830 - 1902, Romantic Impressionist Painter

Margaret Taylor-Burroughs  United Stated 1917 - 2010, Painter, Poet, Author and Printmaker

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio  United Stated 1917 - 2010, Painter, Poet, Author and Printmaker

Mary Cassatt  United Stated/France 1844 - 1926, 20th Century Impressionist Painter and Printmaker

Paul Cézanne  France 1839 - 1906, Post-Impressionist Master Painter

Marc Chagall  Russia/France 1887 - 1985, 20th Century Master Surrealist/Expressionist, Painter, Designer, Sculptor,

                         Draughtsman, Ceramicist, Stain Glass Artist, Writer and Printmaker


Leonardo da Vinci  Italy 1452 - 1519, Italian Renaissance Polymath, Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Musician, Scientist, Mathematician, Engineer

                                 Inventor, Anatomist, Geologist, Cartographer, Botanist and Writer

Salvador Dali  Spain 1904 - 1989, 20th Century Surrealist (Cubism and Dadaism) Master

Edgar Degas  France 1834 - 1917, 20th Century Master Impressionist Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker

Albrecht Dürer  Germany, 1471 - 1528, Humanist/Realist Master Painter, Innovator, Writer, Mathematician, Theorist,

                           Engraver, Woodcut Artist and Pioneer Etcher

Paul Gauguin  France 1848 -  1903, Post Impressionist, Symbolist, Primitivism Painter, Sculptor, Ceramicist, Writer and Printmaker

Francisco Goya  Spain/France 1746 - 1828, Master Romantic Painter, Sculptor, Draftsman and Printmaker

Helen Hyde  United States 1868 - 1919, 19th Century Painter, Illustrator and Printmaker

Louis Icart  France 1880 - 1950, Father of Art Deco, Painter, Illustrator, Pilot, Race Car Driver and Printmaker

Frida Kahlo  Mexico 1907 - 1954, Natural Surrealist Painter

Henri Matisse  France 1869 - 1954, Impressionist/Fauvist Master Painter, Draughtsman, Sculptor, Découpée Artist and Printmaker

Édouard Manet  France 1832 - 1883, 19th Century Painter transitioning from Realism to Impressionism

Michangelo  Italy 1475 - 1564, Italian Renaissance Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Poet and Engineer

Joan Miró  Spain 1893 - 1983, 20th Century Master Surrealist Expressionist, Lyrical Abstractionist, Color Field Painting Proponent,

                    the Assassination of Painting Innovator, Painter, Sculptor, Ceramicist, Illustrator and Printmaker

Amedeo Modigliani  Italy/France 1884 - 1920, Proto-Cubist Figurative Modern Painter and Sculptor

Claude Monet  France 1840 - 1926, Master Impressionist Painter

Alphonse Mucha  Moravia/Czech Republic 1860 - 1939, Art Nouveau/Symbolist Painter, Designer, Innovator, Illustrator and Printmaker

Edvard Munch  Norway 1863 - 1944, Norwegian Symbolist/Expressionist Painter and Printmaker

Pablo Picasso  Spain/France 1881 - 1973, 20th Century Master Painter, Sculptor, Ceramist, Innovator, Stage Designer, Illustrator and Printmaker

Camille Pissaro  Danish West Indies/France 1830 - 1903, Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist Painter and Printmaker

Rembrandt van Rijn  The Netherlands 1606 - 1669, Master Humanist/Baroque Painter, Draftsman, Teacher and Etcher

Pierre-Auguste Renior  France 1841 - 1919, 19th Century Master Impressionist Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker

Norman Rockwell  United States 1894 - 1978, Realist Painter, Illustrator and Printmaker

James Tissot  France 1863 - 1902, Realist/Romantic Painter and Printmaker

Henry de Toulouse-Lautrac  France 1864 - 1901, Post-Impressionist/Art Nouveau Master Painter, Draughtsman, Illustrator and Printmaker

Vincent van Gogh  Netherlands/France 1853 - 1890, Post-Impressionist Painter and Printmaker

Diego Velázquez  Spain 1599 - 1660, Painter of Contemporary Baroque

Andy Warhol  United States 1826 - 1987, POP ART Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Writer, Innovator, Magazine Publisher, Filmmaker and Printmaker

James Whistler  United States/England 1834 - 1903, 20th Century Painter, Instructor, Innovator, Designer, Speaker, Writer and Printmaker

Andrew Wyeth  United States 1917 - 2009, Realist Painter and Printmaker


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