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Art for Sale

If you are interested in any of the art depicted here, or are looking for a particular piece, contact me at Henry@askyourartexpert.com



Jiang Tie-Feng


Serigraph on Deckled Paper, 1987


Steve Kaufman

"Marilyn Monroe Portrait"

Mixed Media on Canvas


Adrian Wong Shue

"Unspoken Passion"

Serigraph on Paper







Consigning Art

Selling Original Artwork on Canvas or Paper with Henry Young Fine Art.


Henry Young Fine Art, LLC offers a consignment service when selling your original works of art.  You list the artwork with us on a consignment basis and you maintain the physical ownership of the artwork. 


When listing with us for the consignment of your artwork, you must provide us with your name, telephone, e-mail, fax number and mailing address.  All information provided to Henry Young Fine Art, LLC is kept strictly confidential.  The following information is needed for each piece of art:

  1. What is your asking price (include our 20% fee)

  2. The artist (any information you may currently have)

  3. Title of the artwork,

  4. Physical size of the artwork (i.e. Image size, Canvas or Paper size, Framed size),

  5. Medium or mediums used to create your artwork

  6. A clear images (picture) of the artwork (Unframed and Framed).

We only present, buy or sell artwork that is Authentic and in great condition.  Therefore, there are no tears, creases, chips, dents, buckling and scratches.  No yellowing or browning of the image that may be caused by old or improper glazing or holes in the canvas image and no foxing (brown acid spots caused by mold or mildew) or black spots (caused by mold or iron deposits).


Henry Young Fine Art, LLC's fee for selling your art is 20% of the selling price.  We will contact you with all offers and negotiate on your behalf to sell the artwork.  Once a price is agreed upon, you send the artwork with all appropriate paperwork (The original Bill of sale, Certificate of Authenticity, Biography of the Artist) to us.  We will inspect the artwork for authenticity and great condition, and then we will send said artwork to the buyer.



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