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Michael John Hill

England 1948

Surrealist Landscape Painter and Writer


Born in Brighton, Sussex, England in 1948, Michael John Hill continues to reside and work there.  Always interested in drawing and painting, he was singled out at Primary School to attend special art classes on Saturday mornings.  An Autodidactic, this was the only formal art training he has had.


After leaving school, Michael had a succession of jobs, painting in his spare time.  He began painting professionally in 1967.


This remarkable Surrealist-Landscape painter has created a wonderful and unique style of painting landscape.  He creates a mysterious and tranquil scene with highly detailed tree limbs and trunks that seem to be unique portraits set against a misty bog or mountains.  He captures the early morning mists with sunlight behind the clouds - a moment in time.  His works are meditative, serene, peaceful, introspective and calming.  Like the simplicity of a Zen garden, his oils serve as a world free from stress and the din of the "real" world.  What initially looks real becomes surreal as one notices the unusual colors and compositions.


He combines the three elements of air, water and land and injects the coolness of the morning and the moodiness of a solemn and secluded setting.  He paints oil on canvas and is collected internationally.


Steve Kaufman (aka SAK)

Bronx, New York, USA

December 29, 1960 - February 12, 2010

Pop Artist




Steve Kaufman was a former assistant to renowned Pop Artist Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman, a.k.a. SAK, is considered one of the most important and talked-about Pop artists of our time. Steve Kaufman's first one-man show was at a bank in the Bronx. The paintings were donated to the Jewish Holocaust Museum of Art in Brooklyn. In 1972, Kaufman was chosen along with nine other students from NYC to participate in a cultural exchange between Japan and the U.S., and was soon awarded a scholarship at Parson's School of Design for fine art and design. Kaufman later enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in New York and soon met Andy Warhol. Kaufman became Warhol's assistant at The Factory - Warhol's famed fine art publishing studio - Warhol was to have a profound influence over the artist's later work.

The impact of celebrity on contemporary culture intrigued Steve Kaufman. Famed faces of art, music and film were often the subject of his artwork. Kaufman seeked to discover society's common denominators in his artwork - the elements and individuals who generate an immediate response from the viewer. Kaufman was an artistic journalist commenting on history, both past and present. His dynamic style often combined images of the world's icons with visual tapestries woven out of landmarks or other related references to their celebrity.

Steve Kaufman delivered his perspectives in highly refined, fine art serigraphs, allowing for greater fluidity and definition in his images. Kaufman returned to each silk-screened canvas to add painted embellishments, making each serigraph in the edition a unique work of art.

Steve Kaufman always reflected his concern for the world around him in his work, benefiting such causes as AIDS, gang violence and homelessness. Instead of hiring actors or other illuminati as Warhol did, Steve Kaufman hired gang members from the streets of LA to work in his studio as assistants.


Pengju Li

China 1962

Contemporary Realist/Impressionist

Painter and Printmaker

Pengju Li was born in Northern China in 1962 to a family of teachers.  His father loved to write novels and his mother loved to draw.  He inherited his talents from both parents. 


Pengju exhibited his artistic talent at a very young age.  In his middle school years, he won many art awards and his artwork was displayed in local publications.  His parents and family friends strongly believed that he would be a great and successful artist and he was consequently encouraged by them.  With this encouragement, he was determined to be a great artist.  His father built an artist’s studio and hired a professional art tutor for his son.  With years of training and practice, his dreams were realized.  Upon graduating from high school, he entered the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, China’s most prestigious fine art university.   His artistic career began.


In addition to Chinese art and art history, he studied art from every part of the globe.  He was greatly impressed to learn about all the Western masters and was significantly influenced by 17th Century Master Realist Rembrandt van Rijn and 19th Century French Neo-Classical Master Painter Jean-Auguste Ingres.  He studied many other 19th Century Impressionists and all of the 20th Century Modern Masters. 


His latest exhibit includes paintings inspired by images of ancient China.  This collection won the gold prize award at the Asian Exhibition of Fine Arts.  He currently teaches painting and shows his artwork in Las Vegas, Nevada.


“To truly create a masterful painting, one must paint what one knows and feels.  To truly create fine works of art, the approach must be a pure representation of ideas and emotions.” - Pengju Li


Enric Torres-Prat

Barcelona, Spain, 1938

Figurative Realist/Romantic Realist

Painter, Illustrator, Photographer & Printmaker


Enric Torres Prat was born in Barcelona, Spain.  He studied painting with the prestigious masters of his time.  After finishing his studies, Enric traveled throughout Europe and the USA, immersing himself in the more romantic aspects of figurative painting.


As a “Student of the Masters,” he studied in the world’s most important museums and galleries, including El Prado, the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the British Museum, but the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam influenced him the most.


There, Enric was captivated by the paintings of Rembrandt, especially the dark and golden colors that distinguish the works of this great painter.


While still in his early 20’s, Enric began his professional career as a freelance artist for a prestigious commercial art agency.  He quickly established an industry-wide reputation for creating award-winning, flawlessly executed imagery.  In 1978, Enric’s work was the subject of an extensive film that was shown in movie theaters throughout Spain.


Enric considers his work a combination of academic draftsmanship and strong narrative qualities.  He especially likes the way light strikes human skin, with a luminous quality that shows how flesh both reflects and absorbs light.


The women who inhabit Enric’s most recent works are dramatically secluded in darkened rooms and hallways.  They seem oblivious to the viewer’s presence – or is it unconcerned?  They stand or sit, lost in thought and impervious to the outside world.  Awash in memories of the past or dreams of the future, they engage us as silent sentinels of beauty, longing and haunting emotions.


Torres Prat has exhibited his paintings in some of the most prestigious galleries in the USA, Europe and Japan.  -  From Enric Torres Prat’s website: www.torresprat.com/escena-3.swf


Adrian Wong Shue

Jamaica, West Indies

Figurative Painter and Printmaker


Adrian Wong Shue was born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the West Indies when the island was still a British Colony. His formal studies were in Kingston, Jamaica and Los Angeles, California.

He exhibits widely in many major galleries throughout the United States, as well as in Jamaica, Korea, India, France, and Germany. A current exhibition of his work (February through April, 2006) is touring galleries in two German cities. His more figuratively inclined oil paintings and drawings reflect his early, formal training during the 1960's at Kingston College under Professor Alexander Cooper and his tutorship under Chinese drawing master Alfred Chin in Kingston, Jamaica.

Given the varied influences in Wong Shue's background - formal training in a British inspired academic atmosphere, tutorship in the traditional Asian discipline of art, and early exposure to local Caribbean island art - it is not surprising that the artist's current work shows more than traces of his formative years.

Adrian Wong Shue currently works from his studio in Los Angeles, California

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