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Appraisal Services

With over 40 years experience preparing fine art appraisals working at various galleries from Hawaii, Illinois, and Nevada, I can provide you with a professional fine art appraisal that is well researched and documented.  Having completed the CORE course with the International Society of Appraiser (ISA), you can be assured of an appraisal that conforms to the standards of the ISA. I have the knowledge and experience to prepare professional fine art appraisals for any of your needs, be that for insurance purposes, estate settlement, charitable contributions, division of property or just curious as to the value of your piece of art. 

To guarantee my work, I must physically see the art to make an accurate appraisal, so I am only able to serve the Central Florida area unless you will be in the Orlando, Florida area and are able to bring the art to me.  I am able to answer questions you may have about your art, but without seeing the item, I can not appraise it.  I have served clients with confidence and privacy and your information, photos and documents are kept confidential.

If you would like more information, click the icon to send an email with questions and images.  Information you should add are:


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I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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